It’s finally “done”. I guess I’ll call this a test build and redo it, because there are a LOT of things I hate about it at the moment:

  • First off, I forgot the eyebrows in the texture.
  • The hands and gun details are too small. I’ll be scaling it up another 5 or so inches for a total height of 15 inches. It’ll be huge, but a lot easier to build. I’ve got the space myself, but I doubt anyone would want a model that large for something so bland looking.
  • The build is just plain bad. I went for a better end-product look, but that just made a lot of things weird to work with. I’m going to reconsider a lot of the tab placement and build order. The hair was a major culprit here.
  • The gun is drooping pretty awful in this. I tried fixing it shortly after taking these pictures, but ending up ruining her shirt.
  • The inside of her bangs were colored in colored pencil, which is way too not-black to look good. I’ll be printing double-sided for that and the glasses next time.
  • The texture still doesn’t feel right for me. The eyes might need irises and her devilbeast should be fixed to the right shape.
  • I need to find a better way to color the edges of the paper to hide the white in the hair. I used pencil again for that, but that was stupid.

If anyone is actually interested in the build, here you go:

But in all honesty, I would suggest against it because the build is still wonky.

Unfortunately a fixed version won’t be up anytime soon, mostly because I’m low on time since I just started school. (Also, I’m lazy.) Another reason being I am thinking about getting a Silhouette Cameo soon so I won’t have to worry about cutting out the pieces too much, but that’s a definite maybe.

For the time being, I will probably be working on another model. It’s probably going to be more the same-ish kind of stuff, but for now I’ll keep that a secret.

Edit: Just added a picture of the aftermath of moving the stock. The gun isn’t droopy anymore